Why are the product offerings different for the Apple iPad and the Google Chromebook?

Ya… It is confusing! Apple makes it easy for schools to purchase apps directly through the App Store. That’s great. What they don’t do, is allow schools to purchase subscriptions/licenses. Rather than build out yet another license manager that schools would need to implement, we decided to keep it simple for school administrators, and offer an app with a one-time fee. It’s not the best long term solution to keep SnapType sustainable, but it helps schools today. 

On the Google platform, schools with managed Chromebooks can’t purchase paid apps through the Google Play Store. However, that may change soon. Stay tuned...

All-in-all… It’s a mess! And the students are the ones who are at a loss. We are trying to offer SnapType as efficiently as possible without being a hassle to schools and parents, but at the same time being sustainable for us, so we can continue supporting students today and well into the future. 

It’s also worth noting that Apple and Google are two completely independent platforms. We have to develop code from the ground up on each platform, which is no small task!

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